The International Panel Products Symposium is the leading technical conference on wood based panels. It is an ideal networking opportunity for science and industry reporting developments in particleboard, OSB, MDF, plywood and fibreboard.

IPPS 2008 - Another successful symposium

The move to Finland for the International Panel Products Symposium in 2008 gave a truly Scandinavian flavour, both culturally and in the conference sessions on Plywood and OSB and softwood supply. We welcomed Antro Saila from the Finnish Forest Industries Federation as keynote speaker, who related the history and evolution of the strong forest products sector in Finland.

The conference was well attended by delegates from across the globe, and the speakers provided insights into many aspects of the panel products industry. There have been great developments in sustainable resins, processing technologies and high performance panels from a wide range of novel substrates. These developments give the wood based panels industry a good position to meet the challenges of raw materials supply, indoor air quality and environmental credibility.

The organisers of the International Panel Products Symposium would like to thank all our sponsors for their generous support which ensured that this was a high quality event.

Photomontage of IPPS symposium 2008

There was a review of IPPS 2008 in Wood Based Panels International. You can read what they had to say about the International Panel Products Symposium In Finland by clicking the link below.

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