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Why did you change your name from The BioComposites Centre?

We changed our name to reflect our shift towards more business orientated core activities. In addition, some of our newer customers told us they found our name confusing and believed it didn’t reflect the breadth of our expertise across resins, coatings and plastics, fine chemicals and forest products.

What do you charge?

Work for private clients is costed at a daily rate. This rate will vary depending on the level of expertise required and the complexity of the task in hand. Please contact us with details of the nature and scope of your project and we can give you an accurate idea of how much you can expect to pay.

Can I contact you any time?

By all means. If you believe you have an issue or problem that might be improved or addressed by the use of a sustainable or renewable material, please get in touch.

Will my enquiry be treated confidentially?

Yes. With new technologies, patents and major commercial commitments involved in much of our work, we always sign confidential disclosure agreements with potential customers and clients.

I'd heard the MDF pilot plant had been scrapped. Is that true?

Absolutely untrue. The MDF pilot plant is the centrepiece of a £550,000 investment in BC Tech Transfer. The pilot line has been upgraded with new steam control, dryer, cyclone and mattress forming station. The one metre hot press has been fitted with the latest PressMan control from Alberta Research Council. The plant is available for fibre and resin trials. Please contact us for further information

Why have you changed IPPS?

IPPS has been an extremely successful event and the 10th anniversary of the symposium series is a watershed. We see the evolution of EPPS into IPPS, the International Panel Products Symposium as a natural step to reflect the global changes and activity in the wood based panels industry. Be assured, that whilst the name has changed, the technical programme and networking opportunities will be of the highest standard. A change of venue will open the symposium to a broader audience