Meeting demand for new polymers from plant materials in applications traditionally dominated by synthetics, BC works closely with manufacturers and users to develop products that deliver increased sustainability and improved performance

Resins, coatings & plastics

BC polymers

In an area where the shift from high impact synthetic materials to low impact, naturally sourced alternatives is being driven by ever more stringent legislation and a steady rise in corporate concern for the environment, the potential to develop and market innovative new products is vast.

BC Polymers can help you make the most of that potential by investigating the opportunities that exist for your business and by using resin and polymer synthesis facilities to develop and test new technologies or provide independent analysis of your existing products.

Clients whose businesses have benefited directly from our input include:

  • Plastics producers and users looking for bio-based plastics, flexible films and rigid foams for packaging applications
  • Manufacturers of wood-based panels and insulation requiring thermoset resins made from renewable materials
  • Paint manufacturers seeking alternatives to petrochemical based formulations
  • Food and feed producers and processors with waste streams and low value by-products they wish to upgrade for industrial uses