Our Approach

  • The BC team will offer a bespoke solution to your application needs. An eight stage, step-by-step, process called the Innovation Chain underlies our planning.

    BC Innovation Chain

Clear communication and understanding of a Clients expectations are an important aspect when developing a project.  The Centre works hard to achieve this and listens carefully to the specific demands and requirements needed for sucessful delivery.

We work with a range of experts that can apply their knowledge within a multidisciplinary team.  This helps bring innovative problem solving solutions when developing new technologies.

Projects can include: materials testing and evaluation; producing an in-depth marketing or technical report; putting in motion a routine feasibility study, or embarking on a three-year research and development programme.

Our aim is to offer quality services with a high standard of professionalism, project management with a customer service focus.

We have built a strong network with strategic partners in the public and private sectors. This facilitates the building of consortia and the development of supply chains. This clearly demonstrates the routes to exploitation which is critical in any sucessful collaborative approach.