Past Projects

We have been involved in many collaborative projects funded by the European Union, Welsh Government and UK Govenment. The following list highlights some of our past projects and there are links to visit the main website for the majority of projects.

Project: BRIGIT

BRIGIT aims to develop a cost-competitive and environmentally friendly continuous process to produce biopolymers (polyhydroxybutyrate, PHB, and succinate-based biopolyesters, PBS-Poly-Butylene-Succinate) from waste-derived lignocelullosic sugar feedstock liquor of wood sulphite pulping process based on “in-situ” fermentation process and new fermentation culture technology without alteration of the quality of current lignosulphonates (they have a high market demand as additive). Other non-wood plant waste, used nowadays in the pulp production, will be also considered as alternative sugar source in this project.

Project website:

Project: BREAD4PLA

The main objective of this LIFE Project is to demonstrate, in a pre-productive continuous pilot plant process, the viability of Polylactic Acid (PLA) synthesis from waste products of bakery industry and their use in the fabrication of a 100% biodegradable film to be used in the packaging of bakery products (closing the life cycle).

Project website:

Project: WISEWise logo

WISE Network provides a unique opportunity for business to work in partnership with Aberystwyth, Bangor, and Swansea Universities. Through the facilities and expertise available within both Welsh industry and the academic institutions we seek to embed sustainability at the heart of all businesses.

Project website:

LIMNet logo

Project: LIMNet

LIMNet, the Low Impact Materials Network, is an A4B (Academia for Business) Knowledge Exchange Partnership funded by the Welsh Government. The project covers the following different sectors, smart and biomimetic materials, 3D printing and fabrication and building and construction. LIMNet aims to identify opportunities for growth and collaboration within and between these sectors both for academic institutes and companies within Wales. LIMNet is a partnership of three Welsh academic institutes; the BioComposites Centre at Bangor University, Swansea University and the University of South Wales.

More about LIMNet

Project: STARS

The industry-led project is looking at the potential to convert Welsh ryegrass into sustainable food packaging. Funding of almost £600,000 from the Welsh Government’s Academic Expertise for Business (A4B) programme is facilitating the Sustainable Products from Ryegrass (STARS) project, a collaborative programme of research between Bangor and Aberystwyth Universities and six industrial partners including Waitrose.

Project: NISE

The Novel Ingredients from Seaweed Extracts (NISE) project aims to develop a sustainable supply chain which exploits Welsh seaweed as a natural source of novel, high-value products for the food and cosmetics industries. Seaweeds are know to be rich in carbohydrates, proteins and minerals as well as bioactive compounds. The project facilitates the use of Welsh native seaweeds, produced via marine-culture associated with existing mussel production. Clean and efficient methods using solvents such as carbon dioxide, ethanol and water are being used for the extration techniques.

Project website: