BC combines the technical and academic resources of Bangor University with a practical and commercial outlook to offer a fully rounded package of research, innovation and application for biomaterials technology

About Us

Bangor University

  • The BioComposites Centre is working with Aberystwyth and Swansea Universities in theBeacon+ project

    BEACON project

BC undertakes collaborative research projects to develop sustainable biobased technologies that will minimise the impact of materials on the environment.

We work with large multinationals, SMEs, micro companies and research institutes interested in lowering their global warming potential (GWP).

A core skill in the Centre is the translation of applied science into commercial opportunities. To achieve this aim the Centre has unique facilities that enable us to take an idea from bench to pilot scale.

Established since 1989, we have a track record in delivering projects successfully. This is backed by our experience and know how from dedicated Professional scientists, technologists and managers that are client focused.

If you are looking to develop ‘greener’ and cheaper technologies that will comply to future legislation, we can help you achieve your goal.

BC is a self-financing concern with real knowledge of the demands of industry and the need to be pro-active, flexible and competitive.