Assessing, managing, testing and reporting on forest based products, BC Materials provides essential support to companies working directly with wood or using wood and wood pulp as a sustainable alternative to their normal product choices.

Forest Products

BC materials

BC Materials has a long track record of research in timber and forest products. Among other services, we provide reviews, price data and invaluable statistical support to clients in the forest products sector.

We operate materials development and testing laboratories for producing and evaluating wood based panels for the building industry, trialing new resins and additives and testing paper products. We have capacity to pressure treat solid wood and expertise in thermal and chemical modification processes.

Our client base in this area encompasses:

  • Users of timber treatments needing to switch from banned preservatives to new, organic based materials
  • Panel-board producers sourcing new resins, additives and waxes for their processes
  • Support and ancillary industries seeking validation of new additives, resins for introduction into the forest product sector
  • Timber producers and processors wishing to improve the quality of low-grade timber for construction, structural and outdoor applications
  • Paper manufacturers requiring independent quality control testing