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News Archive: 2007

June 2007


The Welsh Composites Consortium (WCC) is supported by the Welsh Assembly Government’s Knowledge Exploitation Fund and by the European Social Fund under Objective One and has been established to collaborate with Welsh SMEs by sharing knowledge, skills and best practice in the use of composite materials.

The WCC is developing training material covering a wide range of composite technologies and will be holding a number of events where this material will be piloted to Welsh SMEs. The WCC also acts as a Technology Transfer Network consisting of a number of partner organisations with a wide range of expertise in the field of composites. WCC members can provide expert assistance to SMEs across Wales in the form of advisory visits, targeted presentations and initial project scoping work, as well as advising on possible funding routes for further collaboration.


The modules to be piloted in the WCC summer events include:

1. Composite Materials

2. Manufacturing, Repair and Testing of Composite Materials

3. Mechanical Performance of Composite Materials

4. Natural Composites and Environmental Issues [delivered by BC]

5. Design with Composites

6. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for Composites

7. Engineering Design Optimisation for Composites

ONE DAY EVENTS: These events pilot all modules.

14th June - Technology Centre, Waterton, Bridgend

25th June - OpTIC Technium, St. Asaph

One week event: 2nd to the 6th of July at Swansea University. This event will pilot more in-depth training in all the modules including hands-on composite work, CAD and LUSAS FEA software.

For further information on the events download the brochure HERE or visit the WCC website

March 2007


Bio-resins made from vegetable oils could offer a sustainable alternative to petroleum based thermoset resins. New research has developed viable ways of making them using cost-effective green technology.

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