Sustainability is no longer a fringe issue but a key corporate responsibility for businesses seeking to develop and grow. BC Technologies will help you meet your environmental obligations... and your commercial objectives

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July 2022
Timber 2022
5th July, London
Organised by the Wood Technology Group of the IOM3
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BioComposites Centre
Annual Report

Annual Report 2021
Best LIFE Environment Projects Award
Our highly sucessful Bread4PLA project received an Enviroment LIFE Programme LIFE Citizens Award.
The project demonstrated that 175,000 tonnes of bakery waste can be made into biodegradable film in closed loop recycling.

Since 1989, BC (or The BioComposites Centre) has been at the forefront of research, development and the commercial application of bio-based alternatives to synthetic materials in manufacturing and industry.

Today, in a world where sustainability and the environment are moving to the top of the agenda, we offer businesses of all kinds the knowledge and the technical means to put those alternatives into practice, helping them lower costs, increase productivity and make their activities more environmentally and socially responsible.


2021 Annual Report now available

The latest BC Annual Report has been published ... Read more...

Exciting return to in-person Timber 2022 conference

BC staff and students contributed three presentations at the recent Timber 2022 conference in London ... Read more...

SMART Cymru supports development of food-safe preservatives

A project funded by SMART Cymru, with collaboration between Pennotec and the BioComposites Centre, will develop food-safe preservatives from mushroom by-products ... Read more...

2020 Annual Report available

To catch up with news from BC take a look at our 2020 Annual Report ... Read more...

Completed KTP Associateship

BC staff celebrated with Bronia Stefanowski as she completed her two-year KTP Associateship with Lignia Wood Company Ltd. Her work during the placement successfully embedded knowledge and new technical methods into the company ... Read more...

IPPS 2019 a great success

The BioComposites Centre welcomed delegates and speakers from far and wide to IPPS 2019 in Llandudno on 8-9 October 2019. A short review and other information can be found on the IPPS website Read more...

Journal paper from STSM with Cost Action FP1407

We're pleased to see a paper by Dr Magdalena Broda from Poznań University of Life Sciences in Poland published this month. Dr Broda visited BC during a Short Term Scientific Mission ... Read more...


BioComposites Centre is now launching a new platform of research on crop biostimulants and biofungicides, using marine resources (seaweeds, microalgae, marine plants, etc), and terrestrial biomass that would grow in coastal regions, in the BioNASPA project. Read more...

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