WRAP Cymru Sustainable Resource Management Programme


WRAP Cymru Sustainable Resource Management Programme

Could your company benefit from:

1) reducing the volume of commercial & industrial waste sent to landfill?
2) increase recycling rates?
3) develop collection & reprocessing infrastructure?
3) encourage the use of recycled materials?

If so please download and fill out our

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BC is working with WRAP Cymru to support the sustainable resource management programme in Wales. In collaboration with Bangor University's Sustainability Lab, we will provide technical advice, assistance and support to companies in Wales on the recycled content in manufacturing products and packaging.

WRAP Cymru are funding the research work, allowing your company to use our services, free of charge, in order that you can benefit from the support needed to improve your sustainablity credentials.

WRAP Cymru’s sustainable resource management programme intends to deliver the Circular Economy in Wales. This aims to:

  • reduce the volume of commercial and industrial (C&I) wastes sent to landfill
  • increase recycling rates
  • develop collection and reprocessing infrastructure
  • encourage the use of recycled materials in manufacturing and any commercial enterprise or charity as a Small and Medium enterprise as defined by EU standards

The current programme objectives are to:

  • promote the ongoing development of the recycling infrastructure in Wales, developing choice, promoting competition and sustainability within the waste sector
  • promote the recycling of materials within industries by the inclusion and development of the re-use, re-processing and selective management of input materials
  • develop and promote sustainable procurement within the public sector

Support is eligible to the following:

  • SME's in the Waste Management Sector in Wales engaged in the collection and/or reprocessing of waste materials from C&I sources
  • SME manufacturers based in Wales interested in using recycled materials
  • Re-Use organisations based in Wales
  • Public Sector in Wales